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Resolutely win a high-level and well-off society
12-31 09:23
Yesterday, the municipal party committee held the eighth plenary session of the 13th session. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics, it thoroughly implemented the spirit of the party's 19th Fourth Plenary Session, the Central Economic Work Conference, and the Provincial Party Committee and Zhenjiang Municipal Party Committee Plenary. Work, deploy next year's tasks, mobilize the city's cadres and the masses to bravely carry out the mission, to do good, to resolutely win a high level and build a well-off society
Public travel needs attention! New railway train execution map
12-31 09:15
The reporter learned from the 12306 website that the national railways will implement a new train map starting at 00:00 on December 30, 2019.
When he was discharged from the operation, he suddenly numb his hands and feet and drove into the service area.
12-31 09:12
At around 12 noon on the 30th, Tang Guo, the public security squad leader who was on duty in the Crystal Mountain service area, saw a white car crookedly entering the service area.
Sailing again, "car accident girl" set sail for happiness
12-31 09:17
In the year to come, Leng Chenyan struggled for life and ideals while receiving daily rehabilitation training in the hospital.
Shopping in the supermarket and worrying about "gifts" became "commodities"
12-31 09:08
Mr. Ma said that he had encountered businessmen taking promotional photos and gifts before, so when the merchant promised to take only the back of the child, Mr. Ma acquiesced to the behavior of the promoter.
Qiang Fumei High-tech Answer Sheet! In the past five years, I saw Jiangsu!
12-30 13:05
Five years, there is a "commission" from here; five years, there is a response to the review; five years, just like a ruler, use it to measure the pace of Jiangsu's progress. In the past five years, I saw Jiangsu!
2019-12-31 09:23
Ms. Zhuge said that in recent times, her mother-in-law has been urging her to use up the balance in the social security card, because she heard that only if there is no money in the social security card, she can be reimbursed for hospitalization when she is sick.
2019-12-31 09:18
At 5 pm on December 29, a unique Chinese lesson ended.
2019-12-30 09:04
Occasional quarrels between husband and wife are normal, but on December 26, a 60-year-old man in Danbei town ran away from his home because of a few quarrels with his wife.
2019-12-28 10:24
There are nearly a hundred violations with a score of over 100 points, which have been overdue for annual inspections. Such vehicles dare to be "willful" on the road? Recently, the rear lane squadron of the Municipal Traffic Police Brigade seized this severely illegal vehicle according to law, eliminating potential traffic safety risks.
Sailing again, "car accident girl" set sail for happiness
2019-12-31 09:17
In the year to come, Leng Chenyan struggled for life and ideals while receiving daily rehabilitation training in the hospital.
Public travel needs attention! New railway train execution map
2019-12-31 09:15
The reporter learned from the 12306 website that the national railways will implement a new train map starting at 00:00 on December 30, 2019.
New Green Energy Pressed a Super Bow Network for High Speed Rail
2019-01-18 08:29
"The second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award this time marks the rapid development of Danyang's rail transit field and a marked improvement in the level of original innovation and basic research!" Yesterday, a person in charge of Jiangsu New Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. told reporters excitedly.
2019-05-17 08:12
A few days ago, the City Federation of Industry and Commerce held a regular meeting of the secretary-general of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jiangsu Aotian Optical Co., Ltd. Liu Yihao, deputy minister of the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the Party Group of the Industry and Commerce Federation, Xia Wei, chairman of the Municipal Industry and Commerce Federation, and the secretary-general and relevant person in charge of the various chambers of commerce attended the meeting.
2019-05-17 08:10
Recently, more than 30 middle-level cadres of Jiangsu Tongming Group Co., Ltd. took an open mind to ask for advice, exchange and study, and took a bus to visit Dacel Security System (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. in Danbei Town.
Why did 56 "small classmates" make more than 300 million yuan in a "park"?
2019-01-18 08:27
"There are nine R & D buildings in the park, and seven and a half have been used. The number of incubator companies reached 56 and the cumulative sales reached 305 million yuan, of which last year, sales reached 102 million yuan. The cumulative tax payment reached nearly 15 million yuan." Yesterday, Lu Zhifeng, the person in charge of Danyang Hi-Tech Innovation Park, sent such a "good news" to reporters.
2019-05-17 08:09
In the 1990s, the tide of the market economy surged, and "going into the sea" and "business" became hot words in society. In Xinqiao, families and workshops have sprung up, and small and micro enterprises of auto parts are everywhere.
2018-09-14 08:37
On September 15, 10kV Baima switch between 16801 and 16804 Huangtang Energy-saving Thermal Insulation Material Factory) 06: 00-13: 00;
2019-12-31 10:04
Yesterday, Danyang ushered in the last wave of cold air in 2019. The cold tide of Qu'a land hit, but the warmth of the exhibition center was fused. The eighth plenary session of the thirteenth municipal party committee was held here.
2019-12-31 09:22
Yesterday afternoon, the city held a warning conference for the city's leading cadres to warn "critical minorities" with "very few"
2019-12-31 09:21
Yesterday, the eighth plenary session of the 13th Municipal Party Committee held a group discussion
2019-12-31 09:20
Well-off, this persistent dream through the years of suffering and glory, is now within reach.
In 2020, Danyang did it!
2019-12-31 10:05
This year, the difficulties are more than expected, the pressure is greater than expected, and the risks are more urgent than expected. The city did not lower its head and take a detour to the difficulties. Instead, it took a step forward, had the courage to take responsibility, worked hard, and overcome difficulties. Remaining issues, addressing risk challenges, etc. have solved many problems and maintained a stable overall situation.
2019-12-31 09:19
The fourth meeting of the Seventeenth People's Congress of the city is about to be held. The deputies of the people's congress are preparing with all their heart, and Zhu Huaping, a deputy to the city's people's congress and chairman of Jiangsu Qiyi Technology Co., Ltd. is no exception.
2019-12-31 09:18
The "2019 Danyang First Half Marathon Photo Contest Works Exhibition" jointly organized by the Organizing Committee of the First Half Marathon in 2019, the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Sports, Broadcasting, Television and Tourism Bureau and the Municipal Photography Art Association was held at the Municipal Art Museum.
[Photo] National-level non-heritage: brewing story of Danyang rice wine
来源:丹阳日报 2019-12-11 08:33 Source: Danyang Daily

In November, Danyang Distillery was identified as the "National Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative Project-Traditional Vessels for the Protection of Sealed Brew Traditional Brewing Techniques". Danyang Rice Wine once again made a wonderful appearance on the national stage, showing this loud " Danyang City Business Card. "

Living in a new house
来源:丹阳日报 2019-12-25 09 : 03Source : Danyang Daily
Our newspaper organized a small reporter to cut rice in farmland
来源:丹阳新闻网 2019-11-04 08 : 55Source : Danyang News Network
Yesterday morning, the Danyang Daily reporter group organized 15 young reporters to enter the rice-duck farming base in Jiangsu Jiaxian, Yanling Village, Yanling Town, and experience the rice harvesting in the field.
2019-12-31 09:27
Today is the last day of 2019. Tomorrow will be New Year's Day. What's the weather like? According to the forecast of the meteorological department, the city will continue to be sunny and cold today and tomorrow, accompanied by freezing. The minimum temperature is expected to be around -3 ° C. Everyone needs to pay more attention to the weather changes and add clothes in time to keep warm.
2019-12-30 09:20
10kV standby 1J12 switch (1J12: no user) at 09: 00-12: 00 on December 31.
2019-12-30 09:18
Last weekend, the weather finally broke the "magic" that rains every weekend, and everyone brightened the sun. The reporter learned from the meteorological department that in the next three days, the city will still be dominated by cloudy weather, but it should be noted that a new round of cold air is on its way and is expected to cause significant cooling in our city.
2019-12-28 10:09
After experiencing a brief clearing, our city will usher in rainy weather again tonight. At the same time, due to the influence of cold air, today's minimum temperature will drop to below zero, the maximum temperature will be around 10 ° C, and the temperature difference between day and night will increase.
Cold air strikes, minimum temperature will drop by about 8 ° C
2019-12-26 08:55
Yesterday, it rained all day, especially in the afternoon. The reporter learned from the meteorological department that the weather in our city will be fine today and tomorrow. At the same time, the visit of cold air will also be welcomed. It is expected that the city will open a "clear and cold mode" in the near future.
Unforgettable Tachuan Miri
2019-12-25 08:59
Tachuan is a small Hui village built on the mountain in Yixian County, Anhui. It is a charming mountain village among many natural villages in southern Anhui.
Overcast and rainy weather at the weekend
2019-12-21 09:15
This weekend, we still haven't escaped the "curse" of rain, and we are still accompanied by rainy weather. Fortunately, the temperature will rise slightly. It is expected that the maximum temperature will rise to about 10 ° C tomorrow.
Youzhoushan Beach
2019-12-18 09:12
The poem "Youzhoushan Beach" was written by Dan Hong Daily reader and Danyang News netizen Sun Hongru while playing on the beach of Kihu Lake in Zhoushan Islands, Zhejiang.